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At JSF Contemporary our primary focus is to create as many opportunities as possible for all art lovers to collect the work of our artist Thomas G. Brady. With this goal in mind JSF has arranged a special project with the artist offering a series of limited edition digital prints of his amazing oil pastels available for purchase online. Each print is available in a limited edition of twenty (20) 18x24in digital prints signed and numbered by the artist.

Purchase these limited edition prints by Thomas G. Brady below…

(Trailer from our past exhibition)

“On a chilly morning, I stand off to the side, pastels and sketchbook in hand; people are huddled, waiting and watching; cabbies sip coffee; black suits rush by. The bus pulls up; the old guy stands, cane leading; he moves in line to board. The bus, the line, the man and the cane create the moment, and my frantic drawing begins…” TB

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